Protecting the Lives, Property, and Assets of Our Clients

We provide fire safety services and equipment sales for commercial businesses including hospitals, clinics, factories, mines, and restaurants in all the 16 regions of Ghana. You are welcome to schedule a consultation to discuss all of your safety and fire protection needs.

MIDFire Safety is a Fire Protection Equipment Sales and Services Firm

MIDFire Safety provides fire safety services and equipment for commercial businesses including retail stores, factories, hospitals, across the entire 16 regions of Ghana.

We provide fire extinguisher sales, service and training as well as other life safety services. Our experienced teams can clean and service your safety system and replace equipment as required as well as service the fire suppression system. Licensed and insured technicians can install and/or service your fire alarm, access or entry, and surveillance systems. We also inspect emergency or exit lights.

You are welcome to schedule a consultation to discuss all of your safety and fire protection needs.

Our Services

Fire Safety Equipment Supply and Installation

Great customer service is our primary focus and we will do whatever it takes to exceed our client’s expectations. Our professional staff supports our customers by establishing long term relationships with the common goal of promoting life safety and code compliance.

From a new building being constructed to changing the use of an existing space, we can help you select the right fire safety technology for your particular needs. This will reduce maintenance costs, minimize false alarms, and provide peace of mind.

Mid Fire Safety Services recognizes our customers’ needs by integrating all code required inspections into one comprehensive package. We understand it is crucial that all of your fire safety systems work together and for this reason, it’s critical to test them together.

Mid Fire Safety Services sales,supply, refill and services all kinds and brands of fire extinguishers to suit its cherish clients and customers needs.

Fire Safety, Blanket and Extinguisher Training

Mid Fire Safety Services sells and supply in large quantities of the following safety equipment and materials: Safety Work wears, Safety Goggles, Safety Hand Gloves, and Safety Boots, Caution Signs, Mouth & Nose Guards, Safety Helmets, Safety Socks, Safety Shoes, Safety Belts, Safety Ear Plugs, Safety Ear Muff, Face Shield, First Aid Kits, Live Jackets, Protective Eye Glasses, Emergency Signs (Indoor & Outdoor), Safety Vest & Glow in Dark, Flame Retardant Coveralls.

Permit and Certificate Acquisition Support Services

We design, specify, install and maintain electronic systems for all projects of all sizes and complexity.
We pride ourselves in innovatively work with our customers to assure that our security products and services are integrated successfully with our customers’ systems, meeting and in most cases, exceeding our customers’ requirements.

Our range of security systems services include, but are not limited to, the below services:

Fire Alarms/ Detectors & Camera Security Systems

Mid Fire Safety Services currently monitors over 100 alarms from our Central Monitoring Station. Subscription to the Panic Alarm System includes 24hr monitoring and rapid response to all alarm activations at your premises. The panic system is simple to operate and offers a highly effective deterrent. A variety of wired and wireless buttons will be installed at optimum positions throughout the facility. These are connected to a radio transmitter that when pressed, sends an instant alarm signal to the monitoring station. At the push of a button the panic system allows you or the guards to call for immediate assistance 24hrs/365 days a year to deal with any emergency.

Mid Fire Safety Services alarm systems come complete with a standby 12 volt battery which keeps your alarm energized for 24hrs if mains power fails. G4S response vehicles and crews are strategically deployed at vantage points in your locality 24 hours, 7 days per week. These vehicles take no part in patrols or guard force supervision, ensuring they are always on standby and just minutes from your area to come to your rescue when you press the panic button.

Fire Protection for Homes, Offices, Hospitals, and more

Our electric and razor fences are monitored by the same VHF transmitters allowing us to respond to attempted intrusion due to cut wires and shorted cables. A back-up battery is supplied in the energizer to keep the electric fence securing your premise for up to 24hours when the system is well maintained.

These systems outweigh the razor wire technology second-to-none due to the efficiency and ability of being monitored. It offers both physical and visible deterrent and can protect not just lives but property within the fence, such as generators, gas canisters and AC units.

Proud Certified or Member

MIDFire Safety Services is a proud member of several Nationally recognized fire/life safety organizations. These groups work to make the industry safer through research and training.

What Fire Safety Area Do You Need Help?

You are welcome to schedule a consultation to discuss all your fire and safety needs.
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